Awesome Lewd Horror Games You Should Try This Halloween Weekend

Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of the holiday I have decided to resurrect the decrepit rotting corpse that is my blog and give it new life!

So let kick things off with a game recommendation post!

Sure, Halloween is more of a “kids” holiday, but plenty of us grownups are accustomed to dressing up and going to Halloween parties, and as such, Halloween falling on a Saturday this year would have been awesome if not for these pesky Covid-19 spikes. 

So, I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of the more interesting 18+ horror games you can play (or re-play!) to help you still have a Happy Halloween at home!


The obligatory zombie-survival game on the list, but with a plant-themed twist. The game is a bit linear, but has several secrets to uncover in each level so it’ll actually probably take you a few playthroughs to discover everything.


Succubus Prison

Succubus Prison is an 2d exploration puzzle “escape room” style game in which the protagonist is trapped in a house with three murderous succubi and must figure out how to escape. After a lot of trial-and-error and getting drained to death many, many times via animated sex sceenes, you might eventually piece together the mystery of the house and finally figure out how to escape. 

Yami’s Mysterious Mansion/やみの不思議な館

Yami’s Mysterious Mansion is a first person exploration/puzzle game where you make your way through mostly linear puzzle stages while developing a relationship with the ghost girl that lives there. The erotic sceenes are in 3d and fully animated. The game lacks an English patch, but the puzzles are mainly environmental so it’s playable to those with minimal japanese skills. 



SHIRFT is a 2d turn-based RPG where the protagonist Kazuya wakes up from a coma and finds himself trapped in a post-apocalyptic underground shelter swarming with demons. It’s often compared to Undertale; in that it also has a Mercy/Genocide Route and a few similar themes. There is a mostly complete fan-translation patch available, allowing you to play through the complete story on the normal/neutral route. (Post Game content, and Genocide/True Mercy exclusive content are currently playable but machine translated) The creator is even working on one more bonus EX chapter for the game, so I’ll probably go over this one in more detail later once both that and the translation patch are 100% complete.


SiNiSistar is a more straightforward action game, where you play as a battle-nun taking on some seriously grotesque monsters; made all the more so with an exremely well done pixel art style.


Bonus: The Big Lewd Spooky Bundle!

And if that’s not enough, check out the Big Lewd Spooky Bundle on

We’ve teamed up with 15 other devs to provide a pay-what-you-want bundle of (vaugely) Halloween themed games that contain monsters, horror elements, autumn themes or cosplays/costumes. 

Most of the free games (including ours) are also available for free individually, but part of the point of the bundle (even at the free tier) is to help boost visibility for each other and give you a second chance to find some cool new games that might have slipped your notice before. 

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