The Little Black Bestiary:

The Little Black Bestiary is a modern fantasy anthology of games and visual novels centered around romantic relationships between humans and mythological races like Elves, Fae, Aliens, Dragons, etc. The titular dating website can be visited here, and serves as a place where you can view the character profiles for the series’ cast.

The Little Black Bestiary: “A Dragon’s Treasure” :
Available at, GameJolt, and Newgrounds

The Little Black Bestiary: “A Playful Proposition” :
Available at, and Newgrounds

Other Games:

Takkyu Tournament Re:Serve is a fantasy kung fu ping pong fighting game spun off from the minigame in The Little Black Bestiary: A Playful Proposition. Available on Steam and

Mana Maze is a small maze runner game where you try to evade or capture monsters. The game is currently on hiatus as the gameplay wasn’t terribly fun so we’re considering retooling the assets into a new game, or reworking the existing gameplay into something better. 
Mana Maze on